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The salon has been designed to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere - Somewhere you can retreat for a while from the demands of everyday life and take time to re-charge your inner sense of well being.

The Bodyworks float room has been designed to generate a calm atmosphere featuring soothing lighting effects. Our 'Ocean Float' floatation room is a top of the range facility allowing you to select your own sound and lighting levels for your session.


Our Guinot accredited salon offers a wide range of treatments for the whole body. Check out our pricelist for a full list of our superb beauty treatments.

Beauty Thearapy

Floatation thearapy is a deeply profound relaxation therapy using the technique of sensory deprivation within a floatation tank or float room. Bodyworks has a float room. You control the sound and lighting levels for your float session. Like the dead sea, the water in the float room is comfortably warm and extremely salty, we use medical quality magnesium sulphate – Epsom salts*.  In the float room , the buoyancy that you experience is similar to weightlessness. It encourages a deep relaxed state which can endure for several days.


Now at our Cullercoats salon, Bodyworks is proud to offer our full range of superior standard beauty treatments and deep relaxation therapy. Featuring a new 5-star floatation facility, you're one appointment away from a little bit of heaven.


New clients all receive a general health andwell being consultation to ensure that the treatments and therapies are appropriate and beneficial.


Floatation Thearapy

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